A whole new payment experience during Hajj and Umrah Trip!

Our aim is to achieve financial inclusion to all pilgrims throughout the year by providing financial solutions that incorporate a combination of technology applications, banking and marketing services to facilitate all financial transactions during Hajj and Umrah trip.

Amazing Features

User Friendly

You can do all your transactions easily with minimum steps.

Location Based E-Commerce

See all the services and product providers near to you.

Smart Recommendation

Recommend to you all your needs wherever you are.


Your Wallet have multiple authentications for securing all your transactions.

Multi-Currency Support

You can charge your wallet with different currency and see it equivalent to Saudi Riyals.

Award Winning

2nd place winner at the biggest software competition in the world.

Our Expert Team

Abdelmalek Elbarrawy

Business development manager

Ahmed Eldakhakhny

Technical manager

Tarek Soliman

Innovation manager

Love to Hear From You

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email: info@hafezah.com